ViPR Group Classes-Spring, 2018

(Schedule updated April 2018)

Classes are being held Tuesdays and Thursdays at Noon* at Laramie Dance and Arts Center (120 E Lyon St.)

Tuition: $10/class drop-in

Group ViPR classes are suitable for a wide range of ability levels. These classes are an hour long and involve a movement preparation warm up, a main work set of 30-45 minutes, and a cool down. Often we play a movement game to keep energy high and faces smiling. Come join us!

Here is a mash-up of a group class in June, 2016. Betty, Kyle, and Jen are doing a great job!

Above is a Ground-to-Stand (G2S) reaction game, where one person was "it" and nobody else could move until that person moved. Then it was a race to grab our ViPR, run around the room, and return it to the center. Fun!