by Emma Van Vlack on March 29, 2017

I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you.  When I started training with you in early 2014 I would never have guessed the impact that it would have made on me.  My thoughts were I would be healthier, and a little more in shape, but I never would have guessed that you would have helped spark a drive to change my lifestyle and be motivated to continue on a healthy journey for 3 years and counting.  I have seen changes I wouldn't have even considered, like caring about what I eat because of how it makes me feel, setting fitness goals and then achieving them.  Not just associating weight loss goals with eating well and working out, but associating eating well and working out with feeling good, feeling whole, feeling strong, and confident.  I am more body confident than I can every remember being, I am stronger, I have more endurance, and I am very optimistic about my journey.  Thank you for helping me get there.

by Mara Plotkin on December 1, 2016
Thanks for the session yesterday...the body felt great and pain free after working with the ViPR! Thanks for being such an effective coach, positive reinforcement, paying attention to details like making sure feet are fully planted on the ground for ankle mobility, and the foam roller movement stretch (I love that one!), empowering me despite my beginning level. Your creativity in dance and movement made me feel alive again!

by Betty Wills on June 8, 2016-Specific to ViPR Group Classes

I have a low boredom threshold for gym-based exercise, and I really enjoy that Kevin's ViPR classes are challenging AND varying from class to class. Kevin works at creating new 'choreography' with movements frequently used as well as occasional new moves. I also can't say enough about Kevin's ability to remember my weaknesses and old injuries and offer modifications that are a better fit for me individually. I'm training to ride the Tour de Wyoming this summer, 355 miles in 6 days and I feel stronger and since I struggled with muscle injury last year, better able to deal with the intensive bike riding necessary to prepare for the ride - the ViPR classes' emphasis on multi-directional movement with a load have made a difference in my bike riding and overall fitness.

by Ryan Gerdes on Apr 30, 2014
Kevin Bretting has been my personal trainer since the summer of 2013. Even though I was in reasonably good shape I began training with Kevin because my workouts were repetitive and my progress had stalled. Before we began training Kevin performed a physical fitness evaluation on me and we discussed my personal fitness goals. With this information Kevin created a personal fitness plan for me and we have been training together regularly. Kevin has helped me to push my performance to new heights. I am greatly impressed with his depth of knowledge. Kevin is also very safety conscious and makes sure I use proper form in order to maximize the benefits of the exercise and to avoid injury. As a public safety professional I greatly appreciate Kevin's help in keeping me in good shape. I highly recommend Kevin Bretting!

I had the good fortune to work with Kevin as my personal fitness trainer. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness training. Kevin has the ability to convey proper technique and a positive attitude to his students. He has a wide range of tools and techniques to use for students with varying levels of fitness and abilities. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone in need of these services.

by Emma Van Vlack on Apr 19, 2014

I met Kevin at a community event and was instantly interested in starting to train with him. Training with Kevin has increased my physical strength, endurance, and flexibility to new levels. Every weekly session I have had with Kevin I have noticed improvements, and his enthusiasm has encouraged and motivated me to work harder to achieve my goals. I have never been more enthusiastic about becoming a better me than I have since meeting and working with Kevin.

by Mary Jo Hidecker on Apr 17, 2014

Kevin is an outstanding personal trainer who tries to understand your goals and challenges while making exercise fun. For example, I mentioned that I missed playing basketball and the next training session incorporated a fun, challenging basketball routine!

He has very impressive accomplishments and credentials in addition to being so nice and encouraging too!He often says, "Exercise is magical stuff" so I encourage people to be swept up my Kevin's magical commitment to help his clients reach their fitness goals.

by Abbey Hagerman on Mar 04, 2014

I've been training with Kevin off and on for over two years. His planned workout routines are challenging and tailored specifically to me. I have an old back injury that sometimes limits what I can do. Kevin is conscientious of the injury and provides alternatives to exercises if it is not ideal for me. The workouts are always different (circuit training, weight lifting, TRX, ViPR, resistance running, etc.) and his supportive and encouraging attitude makes working out enjoyable. When I first met with Kevin I was overweight, out of shape and unsure how to embrace/bring fitness back in to my life. With Kevin's continued support and encouragement, I have not only lost pounds and inches but have an appreciation for my health and more active lifestyle. Kevin is just the best, even if he makes me do burpees sometimes. :)