Our bodies are meant to move. 

Movement is fundamental to our health which is not just the absence of disease. To be healthy is to live a life of meaning filled with energy, enthusiasm, vitality, and variety. Learning how to move well enhances our enjoyment of movement which leads to more movement which improves our fitness levels which creates more opportunities for movement experiences that we can enjoy for a lifetime. 

My approach to coaching movement is one that is varied, unique, fun, and sometimes challenging. I believe that being able to perform activities of daily living with confidence and ease defines a high state of health. The level to which that applies will vary from person-to-person. It may mean the pain-free completion of movement tasks such as walking along icy sidewalks, getting into and out of cars, or getting on and off of the ground comfortably or it may mean a high-level of performance of a sport or recreational activity such as cycling, skiing, or hiking. In order to make progress in your fitness, exercise must elicit a training response from your body. However, I also believe in the value of movement to enhance mobility, to help aid recovery, and to create a state of relaxation. Movement is always good for you. Intensity need not be high for there to be value.  Being adaptable to you, the individual, in the moment, is something I deliver as a personal trainer and health coach.